Friendship is: Carrying around a pot of their urine.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this post because I want to be honest and keep my words as authentic as I possibly can to the feelings I am experiencing, I want people to relate. But I also want to remain positive in how I write in order to help others (as well as myself) to see the silver linings in situations that may actually just feel quite crappy. So I’m going to start by saying…

How lucky am I to have found such wonderful friends?!

My adult life so far is filled with friendships that I really couldn’t be more grateful for. I’m even lucky enough to have friends (and a second family) all the way in America! I have friends from my childhood, from school, from clubs I used to go to, from camp and of course from uni. I am thankful to have every single one of them in my life and treasure the many memories I have with each of them…

but being an adult means that I no longer get to see these amazing people everyday, week, month or even year and that’s pretty tough to come to terms with.

I made two of my best friends at university and I had the pleasure of living with them both at the same time. In the years living with these two I laughed so hard tears streamed down my face, I cried, I was a complete weirdo, I danced in the kitchen, I played in the snow, I made a blanket fort in the living room, I spent all night in A&E where I had to walk around with a pot of Megan’s urine and SO much more! These girls saw every bit of what makes me, me and have been by my side throughout my entire student life. Not getting to live with them anymore is hard but not getting to see them everyday is the hardest. It’s a big change to have to deal with and I’d love nothing more than to re-live those years with them. But I’m learning that part of growing up means accepting changes good and bad. So instead of dwelling on the fact that I no longer get to spend everyday with my best friends, I’m just going to be thankful and remind myself of how lucky I am to have them at all.

I have a an amazing group of friends that I am carrying with me into adult life and I have no doubt that they will continue to support and encourage me as they have done for so long already.

So if you find yourself missing your friends, that’s great, because it means you have people in your life that are worth missing. Give them a text, FaceTime them or plan your next reunion because being apart doesn’t mean it’s goodbye, it’s just a see you soon.

(To my friends that are reading this… we need more photos together.)




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