Kindness in 2019.

So December has come and gone and along with it another Christmas and another new year. The Christmas period is busy time for everyone, hence why I didn’t get chance to write a lot in December but my thoughts were busier than ever. But heading into a new year there’s one thing that I really want to talk about.

So lets talk about KINDNESS.

I’ve noticed that the older I get the more people feel the need to tell me I’m ‘too kind’… Are you kidding me? Why should I be made to feel that being kind is a negative trait to portray, when in fact I am so proud to know that others feel as though I am a kind person. Is there even such a thing as ‘too much kindness’?! I’m not a saint nor do I particularly believe that I offer any extraordinary amounts of kindness, I just believe that it’s something every human should encompass. I don’t mean going the extra mile to do generous acts of good, I just mean things as simple as smiling at someone or holding the door open, letting a car pull out in front of you on a busy road. These things don’t affect your day or cost anything to do but the affect they could have on someone else’s day could be huge! I have so many stories to tell about this topic and maybe one day I’ll share a few more but today I want to write about how I spent my Christmas day this year (or I guess technically last year now?)

I spent my Christmas volunteering with the Suffolk Hog Roast company, helping out with their ‘Hog roast for the homeless’ event. I’d wanted to volunteer on Christmas day for a few years so when I saw they were looking for people to help out I jumped at the chance and I must have been pretty quick to jump because apparently I was the very first person to volunteer. So Christmas day I drove into Bury St Edmunds town centre with my car full of homemade cakes and treats ready for a day of giving. At exactly midday when the hog roast officially opened, there was a rush of homeless men and women all ready to get their Christmas dinner. I was overwhelmed by how many people were there and my heart was full of sadness to know that in this day in age there are still so many people sleeping on the streets. I spent the day serving food, chatting to people and listening to them as they told me about their lives. I have never met more grateful people in my life. The feeling of sadness passed and morphed into a somewhat strange kind of happiness. Seeing how happy these people were and hearing the non-stop thanks and gratitude from them brightened my day and made it a Christmas to remember.

I could write for hours about this topic, but it would always end the same way. With me saying…

kindness is not weakness. Kindness is noble, courageous and absolute strength. Being kind-hearted does not make you weak. It takes great courage to stay delicate in a world that is trying it’s best to make you hard. So please be kind, smile, say hello, give a compliment. It might not make your day but it might make someone else’s.

To read more about the hog roast for the homeless click on this link…


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