For my 18th birthday I received tickets to Country2Country- the UK’s biggest (and probably only) country music festival. I could go on and on about all the amazing country artists I saw perform because the line up that year featured some of my absolute favourites… but I won’t do that to you. One of the acts was ‘The Band Perry‘ who were a fairly up and coming group at the time. I only knew one of their songs so that was really the only one I cared about seeing them perform but then they played their brand new song ‘Pioneer‘. I distinctly remember the little speech they gave before playing it. They talked about how they had written it based on a time when they felt like they had no idea where they were going in life and how they felt confused and lost. At 18 I was happily naive about what was to come and was only focusing on finishing my A-Levels, pretty much refusing to think about life after sixth form. But I liked song regardless of what message it was giving so when I got home I played it over and over until I knew all the words so I could sing a long.

*5 years later…*

Here I am- just turned 23 and officially a university graduate! Graduation was yesterday and today I’ve been hit by post graduation blues. I had an amazing day and I have never felt prouder of myself but graduating meant that it was also time to officially say goodbye to student life and accept that I really am an adult. I’ve been feeling confused and lost and despite sounding confident in my response to the question ‘so what are you doing next?’, really I have no idea. I haven’t listened to The Band Perry in a long time but today out of nowhere I started singing ‘Pioneer’ and then I remembered the little speech about the story behind it. There’s one line that goes “Where am I going, oh I don’t know, but still I’ve got to go” which when I was 18 I got what the message was but I didn’t know what it felt like, it makes complete sense now. But then I listened to whole the song, it’s not written negatively, it’s infused with passion, ambition and drive that made me think… ‘okay I’m lost but that’s okay because even though I don’t know where I’m going, I’m still going and that’s what really matters.’

So no, I don’t know where I’m going, but each and every person has the ability to pioneer the life that they want and create the life that is fulfilling to them whatever that may be. To pioneer is to create, develop and apply. So create the dream, develop the plans and apply the method until you find yourself thinking, ‘I’m still lost and confused and I still don’t really know where I’m going but I’m happy and isn’t this adventure exciting.’ 

Sleep well and keep dreaming,

Holly Xx


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