Risk it!

Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream that no one else believes in but you. 

Each and every person on this planet is an individual that has the absolute right to create the kind of life that they want and to follow the dream that they decide on.  Every single dream is valid and equal in its importance. Without dreams and aspirations we would have less doctors, less singers, dancers, comedians, less teachers, pretty much less of every profession there is. And if no lesser in numbers than certainly lesser in passion, because the one’s who work the hardest for their dreams are the most passionate about what they do. If everyone gave up as soon as someone else didn’t believe that they have what it takes to fulfil their dream then the whole world would be a miserable place.

There have been so many times where I wished I was smarter or better at science and maths so I could forget about dance and build a career in what people seem to refer to as a ‘proper career’. But that’s not my dream, that’s someone else’s and just because they can’t see how my dream might become a reality, doesn’t mean I should give up. It means I should fight for what will make me happy. Dreams can change and that’s fine but it has to be on your terms and you have to be the one to decide what your new dream is. So go for it, believe in yourself and follow your dream because you are the only one that can make it come true.

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