What to remember in November

  This time of year is probably my favourite, November is always filled with so much excitement for me. There are so many birthdays to celebrate (including my own), the dark nights mean cosy evenings in cuddling the dogs with a baileys hot chocolate and the build up to Christmas begins! The problem with November and the lead up to Christmas is that it all happens so fast it can be easy to get caught up in the pandemonium that surrounds us. I know that I get so caught up in it all that I forget to slow down and think about how lucky and grateful I am. So this year I’ve decided to focus a little more on focusing. Here are 5 things I am going to remember this November

  1. Take time to reflect on what I have achieved in 2018 so far. It’s been a crazy year, I have a lot to reflect on!
  2. Think about what I still want achieve before the year is over. I like to know what I’m working towards so I’m setting myself a couple of goals to reach by the time 2019 hits.
  3. Do good and be kind. How can I make a difference to others during the holiday season? I am planning on volunteering on Christmas day this year with a company that provides a free Christmas dinner to the homeless, elderly, lonely and vulnerable.
  4. Take time for myself. Have a bath, watch Christmas films, go for a walk. Anything that takes me out of the chaos and into my bubble.
  5. Finally, ENJOY IT! This time of year can so busy, I find myself ticking off all the celebrations as they come and getting ready for the next one rather than just enjoying them and being in the moment. This year I am getting organised and planning ahead so I can just have fun.

Happy November!

Lots of love, Holly Xx

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